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Holmer Lake Primary School

School Uniform

At Holmer Lake, we believe school uniform is an important part of a school’s identity. It reinforces who we are as a community and encourages children to feel pride in their school. 

We would also like to clarify our expectations for children and parents of how important the uniform is in setting the appropriate tone for the ethos at Holmer Lake Primary. A copy of the uniform policy is located on the Policies page.

Competitively priced items in the school colours are available from a wide range of high street stores and supermarkets. 

The main supplier of ‘logo’ uniform items is Baker & Son Schoolwear located in Wellington Telford.
The uniform can be purchased in the shop or via the internet. If purchased via the internet this can be delivered to school ‘free of charge’. For free-of-charge delivery to School during term-time, please use the code homerlake during checkout.

A wide range of good quality second-hand uniform items are also available from Telford Crisis Support

If at any time you are experiencing difficulties in purchasing items of uniform, including coats,  please contact the school and ask to speak to our Parent Support Advisor. 

All items of uniform should be labelled clearly with your child's name. 

Please click here to see our uniform policy in full. 


Holmer Lake is an OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) school, this means we value and actively promote and develop opportunities for outdoor play. All children take part in at least one hour of outdoor play each day. We have sets of waterproof clothing and wellies for the children to wear when they choose to access the muddier parts of our playground. 

In colder and wetter weather, we encourage you to provide your child with: 

  • a warm and waterproof coat 
  • a pair of wellies  
  • hat and mittens (for younger children) or gloves. 

In warmer weather, we encourage you to ensure that your child has had sun cream applied* and provide your child with: 

  • a sun hat or cap  

 *Your child may bring sun cream/lotion to school in a named container/bottle. They must be able to apply this themselves.   

To find out about OPAL at Holmer Lake please click on  

OPAL | Holmer Lake Primary School 




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